Using the PoMoDATT

The PoMoDATT has undergone informal testing for face and content validity. An inter-rater reliability study was conducted with four experienced occupational therapists and 24 PMD users. The research established that the ICCs (2,1) for each PoMoDATT item suggested moderate to excellent agreement between the occupational therapist raters. This study is currently being prepared for publication (Townsend & Unsworth, in preparation).

Acknowledgement is given to the Austin Health (Melbourne) occupational therapy staff for their involvement in the inter-rater reliability study, and for commenting on drafts of the PoMoDATT Administration booklet and manual.

To use the PoMoDATT the following documents are required:

  • PoMoDATT Administration manual. This can be downloaded here: pomodatt-manual
  • PoMoDATT Administration forms. These can be downloaded here:                                                                              pomodatt-forms
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